The Dekorpanel range of aluminium decorative door panels is made of high-quality aluminium offering long-term thermal and sound protection and, at the same time, protecting your home from potential intruders.

Decorative door panels are available in a wide variety of modern and classic designs to suit every taste, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for your home. Choose among various decorative panel designs and numerous RAL colours that can be enhanced with available wood decors and polished or brushed stainless steel accessories. For bright spaces, we recommend decorative panels with different glass options. We offer plain or ornamented glass designs. We can also assist you in choosing the perfect handle from our vast range of door and pull handles to complement your decorative door panel.

The first impression of your home starts and finishes at the entrance. Front doors are an entrance to your intimate sanctuary called home. You open them to welcome family and friends and you close them to feel safe.


Stainless steel trims (lines, frames etc.) can be added to the decorative aluminium panels to accentuate their design with an elegant finish. They also provide optimal protection against finger marks and dirt and are easy to clean and maintain.